We believe that the most beautiful spaces are decorated over time and by joyful living.

About Médecine

/med.sin/ from Latin medicìna (the healing art")
Médecine provides curated artisan textiles and unique finds from around the world. All products are carefully sourced and exquisitely crafted. 
Their beauty and craftsmanship elevate them into real works of art that can be enjoyed for years and even generations to come.
 Inspired by patterns, colors, and the history behind each unique piece, Médecine invites you to craft your own collected home.

Médecine is owned and operated by Nina Makelberge. Her love for beautiful interiors, trained eye to mix classic and contemporary design and a family history in the antique world is what brought Médecine to life. Besides offering curated design objects she provides sourcing services both to private clients and architects/interior designers to find that one-of-a-kind statement piece that every unique interior needs.